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Three Sides Honey Packaging Machine
  • MOQ:1 SET /Sets
  • Certification: CE
  • Supply Ability: 1000 SETS/MONTH Set/Sets Per Month
  • Warranty Time: 12 Months
  • LOADING PORT: Qingdao Port
  • Country Of Origin: China


Be suitable for packing honey, sauce, pesticide, Jelly bar, cosmetic,Condiments sauce and so on.

Main Feature

Option of using the machine back closure pack, trilateral letters pack, four sides sealing packaging forms,beautiful, high accuracy.


1. The three sides honey packaging machine adopts correcting system controlled by microcomputer, owing to a response signal and set through microcomputer it can accomplish whole set synchronization,bag length, position fixing, voluntarily follow the tracks of light-mark and voluntarily diagnose trouble and show to screen.
2. This machine can automatically complete a series of actions, such as bag making, filling, counting and sealing.
3. Suitable for package of foodstuff, daily chemical articles, medicine (For example: ice tea, sour milk tea and so on.)
4. It adopts filled with the filling of oneself and certain quantity. The seal is firm seal and long-shaped fully.
5. Belong to packing material of hot-sealing, such as polyester/polyethylene, nylon-compound membrane, strengthen-compound BOPP and so on.
6. Multi-channel temperature heat sealing, with accurate temperature control, thermal balance is good, sealed quality for a variety of packaging materials and other characteristics, sauces packed pump body made of stainless steel materials, packaging volume can be adjusted within the rated range, package pesticides, cosmetics, liquid or semi-fluid.

Advantage of machine:
1. The machine uses the back sealing or sealing, packaging beautiful, high measuring accuracy.
2. Multi-channel temperature sealing mechanism, with accurate temperature control, thermal balance is good, sealing quality, suitable for a variety of packaging materials, and so on.
3. Butter packing all use stainless steel pump body, the use of advanced suction technology, materials and non-pressure leakage, packaging volume can be adjusted continuously within specified range.
4. The machine can pack Edible Oil, Shampoo, Fruit Juice, Lubricating Oil, any free flow / viscous material. Form, Fill and Seal machine to pack Liquid in Laminated Pouch.
5. All liquid contact parts made of S.S. material. Photocell control panel is given for accurate positioning of printed photo-mark. Digital temperature controller is used. Equipped with automatic pouch counter to calculate output product.Latest manufacturing technology.Long life of machine with trouble free and noise free operation.

Technical Data

Model Packing Speed Power Measure Range Bag size Dimensions Weight
LG-300 40-80 Bags/min 1.8KW/220V 10-100ML L: 40-280mm  | W: 20-120mm 780*920*1680


1.Ask:Can I Visit Your Company?
Answer:We Have Exhibition Hall In Zhengzhou City,Welcome To Visit Us To Examine The Quality And Negotiate Our Business!
2.Ask:What's The MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity)?
Answer:We Are Specialized In Wholesales Of Food Machinery, So The Agent In Overseas Will Be Highly Appreciated !The Best Quality With Best Price,To Achieve The Win-Win Cooperation!
3.Ask:Can I Get A Best Price?
Answer:Quality Is The Heat Of One Company.We Can Not Promise The Lowest Price,But We Promise The Best Quality And Most Reasonable Price.On The Other Hand,Bigger Order You Placed,Cheaper Price You Will Get!


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Address:No.1-130 9A Area Hardware Electrical And Mechanical Market South China City Longhu Town Zhengzhou Henan Province

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