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How to Open Pine Nuts Shell Quickly

Genreally speaking, it's hard to buy pine nuts with natural opened mouth. Nearly, all the pine nuts in the markets are opened by the special pine nuts opening machine. The whole pine nuts processing need some special steps. Firstly step: selecting pine nuts materials. For the materials selecting step, there has very strict demand, because there is no allowed to select the mildewed and unpolluted pine nuts. The pine nuts sale market has a very strict standard measures, all pine nuts should follow national foods standard level. How to open pine nuts shell quickly? People should know the right pine nuts processing process, only this can help them to make more suitable and delicious pine nuts. Before processing all the pine nuts need to soak in the water, soaking time depend on the pine nuts shell whether are soft. Then polished pine nuts, polished pine nuts with smooth surface and look more beautiful than before. All these step just for the pine nuts opening step. Pine nuts opening step usually happen in the confined high-temperature cooking stove. During cooking, the temperature should control in 100 degrees, about 30 minutes or more. After high-temperature cooking pine nuts, the bacteria can be killed very well. The main opening step is finished, then put the cooked pine nuts on ventilated place for cooling. Pine nuts will opening according the principle of thermal expansion and contraction. Thus, the pine nuts shell opening machine is necessary for the large pine nuts process. If you want to process pine nuts more quickly, just find suitable machine and master the processing skills is enough. 


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Address:No.1-130 9A Area Hardware Electrical And Mechanical Market South China City Longhu Town Zhengzhou Henan Province

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