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Gas Heating Peanut Deep Fryer Machine with Factory Price
     This peanut deep fryer
equipment adopts intelligent digital display thermostat, which can be convenient to control. It can not only  frying peanut, but also can fry many kind of meats and beans. Because the device adopts probably the most advanced oil-water mixture fried systems around the worldWhen making fried meat by this machine, the meat can be better heated. The oil in the above level to fry the meals, the water in the below level acts the function for cleaning oil.The fried food has nice color, good smell and taste, with higher quality and may prolong the shelf life. During the process of producing foods, this frying way can save oil greatly compared to traditional machine and can reduce the energy waste greatly.  So many businessmen more perfer to buying this equipment for their frying business,  so this machine is very popular in restaurant, hotels, noshery, fried chicken shop, schools, fried food business and so onAutomatic poker chips donut food electric frying machine includes automatic belt conveying system, elevating system, oil adding system, oil temperature controlling system, fryer can use electricity, gas, diesel as source of energy. Fryer can achieve industrial production, has features of easy operation, stable performance and very long time working, labor saving, easy maintenance.

     Once you buying this machine, you can doing many kinds of small business in your store, such as 
fried chicken, fried fish pieces and fried hot dogs, even sometime you can frying donut foods. 


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Address:No.1-130 9A Area Hardware Electrical And Mechanical Market South China City Longhu Town Zhengzhou Henan Province

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