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Peanut Butter Food Processing
        Peanuts butter food processing were introduced to america from Africa, but weren't considered a staple crop before late nineteenth century, when they were promoted as a substitute for that cotton crop destroyed with the boll weevil.

        Several kinds of domestic peanuts are the Virginia, Spanish, and Runner-type peanuts. It is mostly the Runner-type peanuts, grown in Alabama, Florida, and Georgia, that are utilised in the manufacture of peanut butter. While Runner peanuts provide a higher yield, in addition, they require more water compared to Spanish or Virginia peanuts.

        Round the end of the seventeenth century, Haitians made peanut butter through a heavy wood mortar along with a wood pestle having a metal cap. The mortar-featuring a metal bottom and weighing about 20 pounds-and the 5-pound pestle were used to pound the peanuts right into a paste. During the nineteenth century in the country, shelled, roasted peanuts were cut or pounded into a creamy paste in a very cloth bag and eaten fresh. American botanist and inventor George Washington Carver tried out soybeans, sweet potatoes, and also other crops, ultimately deriving 300 products from the peanut alone-among the most known was peanut butter.

        A health care provider in St. Louis, Missouri started producing peanut butter commercially in nineteenth. Featured at the St. Louis World's Fair being a health food, peanut butter was suitable for infants and invalids due to its high vitamins and minerals. Sanitariums, particularly one out of Battle Creek, Michigan, used it for their patients due to the high protein content.

       Around 1925, peanut butter was sold from an open tub, with half an inch of oil on top. While paste was tacky and produced considerable thirst, consumers needed for this economical and nutritious staple.

       Realizing that the financial rewards from this halloween feed were starting to dwindle, farmers began purchasing the brand new cash crop. Thus, with increased harvest and availability of peanuts, the development and production of peanut butter grew. Most recently, peanut butter has been utilized primarily as a sandwich spread, although it also appears in ready dishes and confections. And finally, in order to produce more capacity peanut butter, someone invented peanut butter making machine to meet the market. Until today, more and more people like to eat peanut butter. There are more and more peanut butter production plant, so the peanut butter machine market is growing larger.


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