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Peanut Butter Food Processing Machinery
           Originally, the whole process of peanut butter manufacturing was entirely manual. Until about early twentieth century, the peanut farmer shelled the seed by hand, cultivated manually hoeing about 4 times, and plowed with a single furrow plow, also four times. The farmer dug the vines having a single row plow, manually stacked the vines on the field for drying, and after that hand-picked the nuts or beat them from your vines. A mule, a plow, and two hoes were all that was needed as far as peanut farming devices was concerned. To produce peanut butter, small groups of peanuts were roasted, blanched, and ground as needed on the market or consumption. Salt and/or sugar was added upon request, and also the product was eaten fresh. Automatic cultivation and harvesting increased the yield with the harvest. Milling plants became larger, and usage soared.
        The peanut butter producers first dry roast the peanuts by peanut butter food processing machinery. Dry roasting is done by either the batch or continuous method. Within the batch method, peanuts are roasted in 400-pound lots inside a revolving oven heated to around 800 degrees Fahrenheit. The peanuts are heated at 320 degrees (160 degrees Celsius) and held at this temperature for 40 to 60 minutes to reach the exact degree of doneness. All the nuts in each batch must be uniformly roasted.
        Large manufacturers choose to continuous method, in which peanuts are fed in the hopper, cooked, cooled, ground into peanut butter and stabilized in one operation. This process is less labor-intensive, creates a more uniform roasting, and reduces spillage. Still, some operators think that the very best commercial peanut butter is obtained by utilizing the batch method. Since peanut butter may call for a blending of peanuts, the batch method enables the various varieties to be roasted separately. Furthermore, since peanuts frequently are available in many different moisture content which might need special attention during roasting, the batch method may also meet these needs readily. The steps outlined below apply to peanut butter manufacturing that utilizes the batch method of roasting.


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Address:No.1-130 9A Area Hardware Electrical And Mechanical Market South China City Longhu Town Zhengzhou Henan Province

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