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Food packing industry's three famous trends
No. 1.Unknown but widely used Pouches

Nowadays almost every type of food has the potential of being packaged in a pouch. Vegetables in a pouch, herbs in a pouch, meat in a pouch — The reasons for this are simple: pouches give greater flexibility and cost savings than cans, bottles and other forms of ”hard” packaging. It’s also a clever marketing approach. Pouches can stimulate sales of a flailing product and boost the success of new ones. Single-serve pouches are also an opportunity for brand owners to meet consumer trends, in particular the desire for food “on the go” at their convenience. 

While the trend towards pouches is not new, it is growing. And more types of food than ever before are being packaged in a pouch. Take Gourmet Garden, which won Best in Category for packaging and graphics in the Good Design Australia Awards 2014 for its lightly dried herbs in re-sealable pinch pouches. The packaging makes it possible for consumers to add fresh herbs to their cooking every day, right out of the pouch. Every element of the pouch is designed with the consumer in mind: it’s re-sealable to meet consumer demand for a multiple-use product; transparent so consumers can see the fresh herbs they’re getting; and the opening is big enough to fit a hand taking a pinch.

No.2. The supermarket and the shelf are ready

With supermarket chains seeking to improve in-store efficiencies, they put pressure on the manufacturers and distributors to provide packaging that makes it quicker and easier to get the product on the shelves. In their eyes, the less handling required in-store, the better. At the same time, it needs to be easy for the consumer to access products.

Brand owners are scrambling to meet retailers’ requests with shelf-ready solutions. The type of shelf-ready package depends on the specific retail environment where the products will sit. So what’s the perfect shelf-ready package? It comes in the form of a shipping package that can be almost instantly shelf-ready. Rather than putting packets individually onto the shelves, store staff have “one touch” shelf replenishment. At the same time, the brand benefits from better product recognition and faster sales, and the consumer can find exactly what they want quickly. It’s win-win-win. And win.

No.3. Trend to Packaged fresh produce

The same factors driving shelf-ready packaging are driving the trend towards packaged fresh produce. An increasing number of fresh foods are housed in packaging to make life easier for the supermarket and consumer, while also giving the distributor benefits. Packaging provides the opportunity to build a brand, boost brand loyalty and, therefore, increase sales. There’s also an increase in “fresh kits”, which provide everything consumers need to whip up a specific meal in one easy package, such as “soup packs” and “stew packs”.

These three trends are not only in food packaging, but the most important trend in food packing industry. According to a research, some packing tycoon are set up their specialist research and design department to study the solution foe this trends, these are absolutely profitable business opportunity.


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Address:No.1-130 9A Area Hardware Electrical And Mechanical Market South China City Longhu Town Zhengzhou Henan Province

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