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Proper method to use peanut butter in your diet
Peanut butter is a daily kitchen condiment, every one knows that. While I do believe that you may not know peanut butter can bring great benefit to your health especially when you are losing weight. But don’t be hurry to eat it. You’d better to understand the type of peanut butter you use in your diet does make a difference before you decide to add it to your recipe.

A majority of Regular peanut butter that sells in supermarket or contains additives, preservatives, salt and added sugar. But If you read the label, most will say that regular peanut butter contains no trans fats even though it does have it. While when you look at the label, you’ll see that it has ‘partially hydrogenated oil’ listed. How can these peanut butters list no trans fat when it’s an ingredient? The reason is that The FDA allows it because it’s less than a certain amount.

What’s the Meaning of trans fats and what’s it’s effect your healthy condition? While this trans fats may increase your risk of developing heart disease. ‘Cause these types of fats begin as a liquid but are changed to a solid form within the peanut butter. But natural peanut butter doesn’t have any of the preservatives or additives. The ingredients listed on one brand of natural peanut butter are peanuts and salt. When you open a jar of natural peanut butter, you’ll see liquid oil floating on the top, while it might look odd, this isn’t bad for you in the least bit.

Peanut butter is around 75% - 80% unsaturated fats, which is good for your heart.  (That percentage is about the same as olive oil.)  It also contains vitamins and minerals, including vitamin E and potassium—and even a bit of fiber. Not only is it heart healthy, but the protein and fat in peanut butter will help keep you feeling full—always a plus when you’re trying to lose weight.

Peanut do not only use in kitchen and cooking, Nowadays you can add peanut butter to your daily diet in several ways other than the way you remember eating it growing up. Such as add natural peanut butter to fruit or put it on crackers and so on.

Don’t Go Too Nutty Though However you decide to add peanut butter to your diet, make sure you don’t take it to the extreme. Get out the measuring spoon and measure out a 1 tablespoon serving (approximately 90 calories).  Like any food, peanut butter is best used in conjunction with weight loss when you practice portion control.

Although peanut butter bring you lots of benefit, you should also make sure that you don’t take it to extreme. As an old saying goes, “keep proper quantity to maximize benefits.


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