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Sesame/Tahini Butter Processing Technology
Sesame butter is one of the most common butter food in kitchen, however, only few people knows about the processing technology of sesame butter. Below will show the specific procedure of sesame.
Row material – Selection – Pre-processing – Roast – Colling – Grinding – Filling – Finished Product
Get materials
1. Send production staff to receive the Production notice which issued by sales department, then get the Materials in household.
According to the production notice to determine the required raw materials and calculate the number, after the collar placed in the appropriate position.
Note: check the quantity of raw materials.

2. Selection
With a sieve 40 objective vibrating screen screening prepared raw sesame, sesame in the removal of particles and other impurities

3. pretreatment
Will the sifted sesame cleaning in a big iron pot, remove dust and dry sesame on the adhesion of small grains of sesame, with a strainer
Fence fish out into the baskets in the water drain.

4. fried seeds
Will be washed to control the water after the sesame seeds into the stir fry in the oven, the temperature is 150 degrees Celsius, the time is about 50min.

5. Smoke blowing
Remove from oven fried sesame, raised with a shovel out, remove the dust with sesame fried sub process.

6. cooling
The sesame seeds are put into a special cooling pool for cooling, cooling to 25.

7. grinding paste
Good cooling of sesame seeds into the stone grinding, stone speed 45 RPM / min, grinding time 100kg/60min, until sesame paste fineness reach 80 mesh so far.

8. filling:
Before entering the packing room for disinfection, strict control of the net content can be canned.

9. finished product inspection
The inspector, pack randomly selected plant samples, tested in accordance with the relevant standards of the products. Make the original record and issue the inspection report.

10. outer packing
By inspection of qualified products into outsourcing workshop for packaging and external packaging bags and cardboard for inspection of the production date, name of commodity labeling and net content.

11. storage
Factory inspection of qualified products into the warehouse and the issuance of storage.
Container storage and transportation
1 processed products in the packaging between the large packaging, packaging with UV disinfection facilities.
2 warehouse regular disinfection, warehouse temperature control and relative humidity.
3 special vehicle for transportation of products.


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